DWM1001-dev Tutorial Enquiry

Hi to all,
I have recently obtained a DWM1001-Dev Development Board. However, I do not know where or how to start?
Where can I obtain example code file to obtain readings from the board?

I’m new to this. Thanks!

One dev board or two?
You need at least two devices to do much, a radio transmitter isn’t much use unless you’ve got a receiver to pick up the transmissions.

The documents and downloads for that product would be a good starting point.

The software package there includes drivers and example code for basic range measurements.

I currently only have 1 dev board.
Thanks, I will take a look at the documents.
Just to clarify, I would require two dev boards to get any distance or location reading? I read that there will be anchors and tags. Are there any other devices that can act as anchor or tag other than another DWM1001-dev board?

Distance measurement requires two devices.
The very high level overview is:
Device 1 sends a message.
Device 2 receives it. A fixed amount of time later it sends a response.
Device 1 receives the response.
Device 1 calculates the time between sending the first message and receiving the response. It subtracts the fixed delay device 2 added. Whatever time is left is the time it took the message to travel from 1 to 2 and back to 1. Since the signal travels at the speed of light if you know the time you know the distance.

This is called single sided two way ranging (SS-TWR).

For position calculation the simple method is you perform TWR between one mobile device and a number of fixed location devices. If you know the ranges and locations of the fixed devices you can work out your location. This requires a minimum of 4 devices, three fixed and one mobile.

The fixed devices in this situation are normally called anchors and the mobile device is called a tag.

However since all the devices both transmit and receive this distinction is fairly arbitrary, there is no physical reason a tag can’t act as an anchor or an anchor act as a tag. It purely comes down to how you program them.

Any DW1000 or DW3000 device can be used as either a tag or an anchor as long as they are correctly configured, you can have a mixed system using both but that does limit your choices for frequency and operating mode.