DWM1001-DEV sending a lot of NaN when positioning


I’m using DWM1001-DEV boards to position a human in relation to a robot. I have 3 anchors mounted on the mobile robot, in fixed positions about 1 meter in an equilateral triangle, and 1 tag on the human. I also have a passive anchor connected to my computer, for communication. The active anchors are connected at about 20cm from the robot’s top metal plate. The mobile robot is a Husky (by Clearpath robotics), if it helps.

The issue is: about 90% of the data I get from the passive anchor positions the tag at NaN. Do you have any idea why that is the case? Anything would be helpful…

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards! :slight_smile:

Hi @lucas.he
the main reason here is probably that the tag need to see at least 3 anchors and human body is a quite big signal blocker. So for RTLS applications is recommended to put the anchors to the ceiling.

Possible scenarios are:
a)one (or more) of anchors could not reach the tag
b) the signals are distorted by human that the internal position estimator could not estimate the position.

It would be helpful if you will connect the the TAG shell and observe the measurement via “les” command. You should see there three distances and the position. If not then something is wrong, post here the les output (just few lines).