DWM1001-DEV Raspberry Pi gateway?

Are there any instructions on how to setup Raspberry pi as a gateway with DWM1001-DEV?

This gateway feature is not currently supported in our software offering (Release 1).
We will have such code available in Release 2 due April 2018

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thanks kenneth

i was just about asking the same question since i received my pack yesterday.

promising stuff indeed…if followed by developpers… :smiley:

2018-4-1 or 2018-4-20 ???

2018-4-1 or 2018-4-30, it’s a huge difference

Any update on this?
It would be great to have access to a git repo on this code, on github :slight_smile:


Any update on this?


May i know the Support is available for Raspberry pi as a Gateway with DWM1001-DEV ?

May i know the Support available for Raspberry Pi as a Gateway with DEV1001-DEV?

Any update ?

Any updates on the gateway?
After the tag computes the location how does it send these values to the RPI gateway?