DWM1001 Dev module not getting detected in android application

I have brought MDEK1001 module, out of which I was using 4 modules as anchors, 1 as tag and 1 I was trying to make bridge node using the raspberry image. All of the module was getting detected and was configurable over BLE in android app. Suddenly, one of them is not getting detected in android app, but I am able to change its mode over uart. I made the not working one as tag. Now to understand is there settings issue , I see the details of working tag module and not working bridge module which is now made tag module as well, using si command.

I attaching the two screen shots. Only difference I could see is stat_det=1 (sens=1) part , what does this mean, has my module gone bad ?

Any inputs would be helpful. Thank you.

Screen Shots(Merged)

On the second device, the ble is not enabled.

You can see it in the cfg field, ble=0. While on the first device ble=1.

Reconfigure the tag to activate BLE and it will work.

Hope it helps,

Thank you.
I used factory reset command through uart to set ble. I found acts command as well, but using it does not change the ble status. Is there any better way to easily change ble status.