DWM1001-DEV/MDEK1001 boards plastic casing enclosure

Hi all, i am working on a project involving dwm1001-dev boards and I am looking for the plastic casings for these boards (as seen in attached picture) that are available in the MDEK1001 kit. Was looking to buy the casings individually but Qorvo only provides the casings in the MDEK1001 kit as far as I know.
I am really on a very tight budget and can’t afford to buy the whole kit just for 2 of the plastic casings.
So resorting to here, just checking if anyone here has 2 of those plastic casings for sale or any other help? Thank you in advance :pray:

Hi @sadoctopus,
I can give you a couple of them for free but you have to pay for the shipping. Im located in the EU - Czech republic.


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Thank you so much JK, I have dropped you a message regarding this.