DWM1001-Dev: How to Create a New Project using Segger Embedded Studio

I have a few DM1001-DEV boards and I have successfully setup the software application toolchain for DWM1001 mentioned in the DWM1001 Firmware User Guide.

I have also managed to successfully run the dwm-simple project example that uses the DWM1001 on-board package using the Segger Embedded Studio IDE. i.e. I can get the example projects to run.

I want to know the procedure/steps for - Creating a completely new project (custom user application) that uses the DWM1001 on-board package ( DWM1001 PANS library) for the DWM1001-Dev board with the Segger Embedded Studio.

After reading through the Firmware User Guide, I still don’t know which header files I need to include or even how to include/import specific files into a new Segger project. I also want to know how setup the linker scripts, static libraries and output file directory for a completely new project.

Hi, SES is pretty much like eclipse, you right click on project options, and input all settings manually, an example screen shot below on the linker config that reference a local soft device linker script. You can go through all the Code and Debug menu entries they’re not that many.
Just a hint, SES is something you can learn with time and patience but is not a blocker for quickly starting a new project, what I did, I copy-pasted the directory dwm-simple on a new directory at the same level with a different name, it compiles out of the box, and I started modifying it.

Although this might not be the perfect answer you expect, I hope it helps you get further.