DWM1001-dev, how can I get coordinates of tag not using Android app

I’m using dwm1001-dev product for my indoor localization study.
3 Anchors, 1 Tag, 1 raspberry pi
Decawave provides Android App(DRTLS) but I have to send the tag’s coordinates(x,y,z) to my linux board.

So how can I get the x,y,z information to linux not using Android?
In addition, I found ‘UART method’ on firmware user guide. but It should be done wireless… then I think there is only bluetooth method for transfer the information. Is it right?
Thank you.

Hi @hahyebin
with the regard of you comment I expect that you are using PANS. If you want to get location data remotely you can setup a listener (which can give you data via UART) or you need a bridge (Raspberry pi + DWM1001-DEV) which will be running some server stuff (check the docs) and from this server you can read location via MQTT.


Thank you for reply:)

I’m following the document and I got one more question. To set gateway, all anchors and tag must be in a same PANID. When I set panid using command $ nis 0xabcd , how can I find or determine the number abcd ?

Hi @hahyebin
you can find it in the DRTLS manager or enter the shell on AN/TN and run the “si” command and thel look for uwb0: panid=xxxxxx - see the example below (the PANID here is 0000)