DWM1001-DEV D20 blinking led

Hi guys,

I am using the DWM1001-DEV module and im trying to optimize the code for power consumption.
All leds except D20 have been turned off.
The DWM1001-DEV manual tells us that the D20 led will be active when the J-LINK is active, unfortunately it keeps blinking when powering the module through the J12 BATT CON input with no USB to the PC present.
I was wondering of it’s possible to also turn off this blinking led?

Thanks in advance!

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The D20 led is connected to a GPIO of the MCU. It can be disabled by SW.

Please check the DWM1001-DEV schematics on how to disconnect the J-Link OB STM MCU

In addition that LED will blink continually until the J-Link OB enumerates - you should have J-Link drivers installed on the PC/Laptop you connect and run your JFlash-lite from.

Not entirely correct. D20 is connected to the (STM32F0) MCU that runs the Jlink OB firmware (U13), not the (nRF52) MCU in the DWM1001 module.

To optimize for power consumption, the best approach is to open the J16 solder bridge. This will fully disable the programmer MCU including the D20 LED. This not only prevents current draw from the LED but also any other currents drawn by the MCU.

Alternatively, the firmware on the programmer MCU can be replaced by firmware that disables the LED and puts the MCU is a low power sleep mode or an alternative programmer like CMSIS DAP (such as DAPLINK) or the Blackmagic Probe firmware, however note that Qorvo only support the JLink-OB firmware.