DWM1001-DEV Custom Location Engine

According to the DWM1001_Firmware_User_Guide_ver11.pdf in section 2.3.8 TWR solver / Location Engine it is possible to disable the internal location engine and user customized location calculation can be performed instead.

With the virtual machine with the toolchain I have been able to disable the location engine and calculate the position how i want with the distances provided by the api described in DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf. In that same API guide I haven’t been able to find a function to set my calculated position though so I can receive it on the listener in the network (as dwm_pos_set is not used in tag mode). How can I send the location data over UWB so that my listener that can receive the location of the tags with the default location engine can also receive my custom location engine positions?

Hi Martin,

The release 2 will allow you to send data over UWB. It is currently not supported.

Keep an eye on the forum to see when the release 2 is available.

Thank you,

Hi, maybe it’s a bit late but I’ve managed to solve your problem. I share the link

best regards