DWM1001-DEV consumption

I’m trying to reduce the most I can the power consumption of the dev board, I obtained about 16mA.
Does this sounds alright to you for the dev-board ?
If not, any idea to reduce it more ?

What I did : (through UART)
aurs 2 2 -> update rate (but doens’t change much of consumption)
acts 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 (low power & UWB actives only)

Thanks for any input

Looks like you are taking the software route to get the power down. But you should take a look at the schematics for the DEV board as well. For example, the J-Link OB (STM Micro) alone consumes a good amount of current. Disabling that will get the numbers down.

Hello Kenneth,
Thanks for your answer !
So I checked the schematic for the STM32F072CBT6 component,
But I have not a single clue about how to disable it (software or hardware solution ?)
And won’t I loose the UART communication I’m using to get lec values through ? (TXD / RXD ?)
I’ll be thankfull for any direction you could give,
Thanks :slight_smile:

Open J16, there may be a few others and I think there is a Forum thread already on this topic - I’ll let you search for that!

Tx/Rx serial comms is still available via the the Rasp Pi interface, J10.