DWM1001-DEV bridge initialization Issues

I followed the DWM1001_Gateway_Quick_Deployment_Guide and I tried to initialize the gateway connecting a DWM1001-DEV board (configured as a bridge node) with a raspberry pi 3 model b ( I flashed the default image on a 32Gb microsd). After some tests with MQTT broker I was not able to collect position data from a network ( 4 anchors and 1 tag correctly configured). I established remote connection with raspberry and executing the following command: pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dmesg, I got the attacched log… How can I solve this issue? What is errors meaning?
dmesg.txt (82.5 KB)

Verify that the DWM1001-DEV PCB is properly positioned and soldered.
also make sure you configure the DWM1001 module in bridge mode.

These errors mean that the RPI has no communication with the DWM1001 module.

Can you share an image of your RPI with the DWM1001-DEV PCB to validate the correct installation?


Here is a picture of our module. All connections seems ok and the DWM1001-DEV is configured as bridge.

I’m facing exactly the same issue and I’m quite sure that DWM1001-DEV PCB is properly positioned and soldered (like in the picture posted above by Alastoplasto). The board is correctly configured as a bridge. Please help us to solve this problem and tell us if something is wrong regarding RPI3+ DWM1001-DEV PCB installation.


did they run apt-get update?
if so it is possible that they accidentally changed kernel.
try run uname -r

if you get something different from 4.14.50-v7 +
then the kernel is not compatible, if so reinstall the rpi image without running apt-get update


The Kernel is correct:
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ uname -r

So, what could be the problem?

verify that the SPI interface is enabled, you can do it from the console or from the graphical interface in raspi-config

make sure you have the PANS R2 firmware installed and configured as a bridge

run minicom as follows:
minicom -D /dev/serial0 -b115200
write the command si

dwm> si

look for the version and mode

sys: fw2 fw_ver=x01030001 cfg_ver=x00010700
mode: bn (act,-)

SPI interface is enabled, I did sudo nano /boot/config.txt and I got this:

Uncomment some or all of these to enable the optional hardware interfaces


Firmware is PANS R2 and dwm>si has output:
sys: fw2 fw_ver=x01030001 cfg_ver=x00010700
mode: bn (act,-)
I also followed this thread: Gateway with dwm-daemon on Raspberry pi
I was not able to fix my problem, please help me.


I can only think of giving me access by ssh or teamviewer, to try to identify the problem


Hi Fdiaz,
How can I give you SSH access? Do you need only IP address of R3P ?
How can you connect if your PC and my R3P are not connected to the same network ?
Please, tell me what you need in order to control my R3P.
Thank you

Additional info, I hope it may be helpful, executing the command “pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dmesg” I got this error:

dwm spi0.0: reseting bridge
[ 2155.992427] dwm spi0.0: decode TLV failed, error 2 t:0 l:0
[ 2155.992440] dwm spi0.0: reseting bridge manually
[ 2155.992556] dwm spi0.0: dwm_reset failed, error -14
[ 2155.992564] dwm spi0.0: bridge can’t be initialized, error -14

This code is repeated many times!

it can be by teamviewer to a pc and from there by ssh to raspberry
I also suggest you measure continuity of the pcb pins of the rpi to the pcb of the DWM1001

Hello Marco ,

Can you got the solution for this issue ? coz I am also facing the same issue If yes can you please share with me the solution ? Thanks in advance for your support

Hi all,

the log suggests that there is no proper physical connection between the RPI and the dwm1001. The DWM1001 might not be soldered properly or something. To rule out other issues, try to remove the dwm1001 from the connector and connect to if via terminal (minicom on linux, PUTTY on win, …) and try to enter the shell and see if it is responding to commands, maybe send the output of “si” command etc.

are you using the official RPI power adapter?