DWM1001-DEV board reprogramming RF power

Hello again!

So, after help we got from here and other sources, we are currently studying the examples in https://github.com/Decawave/dwm1001-examples to see how exactly to use the DW1000 API on our DWM1001-DEV boards. Our question is, apart from the TX power recommended values we can use for each channel and pulse repetition frequency, how can we set our own to lower the power?

What I mean is that the recommended power values per channel and pulse repetition frequency for the dwt_configuretxrf function are in the form of hexadecimal numbers and we were wondering if by lowering the number we lower the applied power as well or if there is a larger table of valid values somewhere that we haven’t found.

Thank you in advance.

Hi QnQ,

Well I don’t think we have recommended transmit power values depending on RF configuration.

If you are aiming to reduce the power consumption of your hardware, we would recommend to reduce the receive and transmit time. To do so, you should reduce air time, use a low PRF, 64 preamble length, 6.8Mpbs data rate. The channel shouldn’t have any impact. Those settings will have an impact on your range.

Please take a look at the application note below that should help you :

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Hi QnQ,
If you need to know how the hexadecimal codes relate to the applied power setting, this is documented in the DW1000 User Manual. See the the figure in section (Units of TX Power Control).