DWM1001-Dev Antenna Calibration

Hi, I’m using 8 DWM1001-Dev, 4 anchors and 4 tags. Unfortunately the precision/accuracy is not great at longer distances, I know there are some limitation to the system but still I would like to do anything I can in order to improve this.
I read in the datasheet that the dwm1001 should be calibrated in order to ensure the correct antenna delay and so on. But as far as I understood this delay is already in the OTP, and I don’t to mess with this.

So, is there any way to calibrate the tags using UART? If so what is the proper procedure?
Appreciate any help with this.


Hi @Radiobuddy
antenna calibration delay is calibrated in the factory during the module testing, I would not play with until you really know what you are doing. However there are many factor that affect the measurements like antenna orientation against anchor, anchor precise positioning, reflections…

What is your expected accuracy?

Cheers JK

Hi @leapslabs
We have some dwm1001C’s on a custom carrier board which we are using as tags. While the anchors are the dwm1001-dev. So we just want to make sure that there isn’t an issue with the antenna calibration on our custom boards.

In terms of accuracy, we are more concerned with having the standard deviation as low as possible. For now it seems like the the tags are jumping all around and the readings are not very stable.

br RB

Antenna calibration will apply a constant offset in the measured ranges, it won’t help with measurement noise.
It may be possible to come up with some geometries where a constant range offset will result in a significant increase in position noise but that won’t be the case normally.

Hi @Radiobuddy
could you describe your system a bit? You are mentioning long distances - what does it mean for you?