DWM1001-dev and Raspberry pi

Hello everyone
I am trying to put into operation a system of 4 anchors and a tag with dwm1001 dev board.
I need the tag to be connected to the raspbery pi so that according to the position it has, it must do some tasks.
My problem is that I can not execute the example that I have in document DWM1001 firmware user guide (page 25), to adapt it to my needs.

I downloaded the DWM host API package and set it up as explained in the document to use SPI comunication “USE_INTERFACE = 1”. But when I run the document tag_cfg.c I get problems with the dwm_api.h library and I do not know how to solve it.
I am a beginner in raspberry pi and DWM1001 dev board. So I would appreciate a little help to start my project on the right foot.
Sorry for my low level of English.
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Hello AIELO, could you explain what doesn’t go wll with the dwm_api.h lib?


Hi. For now I have managed to execute the example of the tag.cfg and add the code that I needed.
Now I have doubts about whether the anchors network can be configured from my raspberry pi or without having to use the decawave android app.
Also if I can access the data of the Motion sensor 3 axis accelerometer through the C programming that I am doing because I need some dynamic data for my programming in terms of direction of movement and speed.



did you (or anyone else) manage to find a solution in terms of getting data of the accelerometer?



the Gateway function can recognize only active Anchor or active Tag nodes (UWB active). So in order to be able to change configuration of those active nodes you need to have them configured first at least with these parameters:

  1. Network: assign the same PANID for nodes of the same network.
  2. Mode: set Anchor / Tag to UWB Active
  3. Encryption (and if needed Key): use the same setting for all nodes.

To get a network running and to setup a Gateway please follow the documentation.


We are having the same problems for a while. Will you be able to solve it?