DWM1001 data, where does it stored

I’m asking where the data such as PAN ID, label, role and its configuration (such as tag, update rate, etc.) are being stored.

This is because when DWM1001 experienced brownout (low battery voltage), the module reset itself to factory default.

I suspect the module uses a non volatile storage and use it to store user data and dwm node configuration, and loaded during fw1 with crc checking. I guess the when brownout happens, the NVS corrupted and the module reset to default.

Any solution to this “reset to default” issue?

Hi @arama
the node settings are stored in the FLASH - there are reserved two areas for that. Once contain the active configuration and the second one contain previous configuration (backup) and both of them are secured by CRC. After configuration change there is a time when the data gets sore into he flash and hen the brown out happen is tis time then the newer configuration will not apply and the precious one will be loaded. But normally you should not observe this unless you are changing the configuration too often.

There is one known issue that TN gets stuck in SW after some configuration change via API and then reboots with a blank configuration. But this is very rare.

Does this happen after every power cycle?


While it does not happen to every power cycle, it happens quite often when I didn’t supply sufficient power to the module.

Your answer also resolves my question, which happens when I change a tag into a anchor and it suddenly loads older configuration. This means that not supplying enough power to the module causes it to corrupt the flash in process, and forces it to load older config.