DWM1001 custom RTLS

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I know this question arose several times but it’s still not totally clear.

As I got it is possible to use the DWM1001 RTLS library in my own application. i just need to attach the library file and use provided API functions. But is it possible to change the default device settings, like data rate, preamble length etc? Does the library support such changes?

If no, could you please advice any source code example for DWM1001 which allows communicate several tags with several anchors, not just one-to-one, which is provided in the Github page.

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Hi Sergey,

The RTLS stack for DWM1001 is called PANS (Positioning and Networking Stack). It allows the user to add a custom application above it. In this case, you use compiled library when developing your user application. Keep in mind the default PANS features will always have the highest priority to make sure the RTLS scheme is not broken.

It is not possible to modify the device setting (channel,preamble,prf,datarate ) when using PANS.

The example on GIT is a very basic example demonstrating how to implement a basic communication with DW1000 and a host mcu. It is targeting the DWM1001 module which contains a DW1000 and a nrf52832.

We currently don’t have an open source example RTLS example for DWM1001.

You can maybe look at our TREK product and its open source software which implements a very basic RTLS network.


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I also have the same question. I understand the limitation that the channel cannot be changed from the user program.
Is it possible to change the configuration of PANS channels and other parameters by some setting tools now or in the future?

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Hi DJ,

PANS has been designed to work with CH5, 6.81Mbps data rate, 64 MHz prf and 128 preamble length.

It is not possible to modify this configuration. If you wish to use different settings, you will have to develop a custom application.

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