DWM1001/C firmware interoperability


we bought a MDEK1001 dev kit and are now trying to add our own DWM1001C based board as a tag to the network.
I could configure our tags with DRTLS manager (using the apk from the _v9.zip) and everything seems to work except positioning. It always reports type 0 at position 0,0,0.
I flashed the DWM1001C with the nRF52 firmware from the _v9.zip.
According to the DRTLS manager anchors, devkit tags and our tags are all running FW2.
However, checking the device info field with the BLE API there seems to be a version difference:
$ gatttool -b d3:df:a6:3b:99:e0 --handle=0x001f --char-read
Characteristic value/descriptor: a9 40 80 e3 a5 e6 ca de 2a 00 ca de 00 05 01 01 01 05 01 01 e0 39 a4 37 a1 e8 3e f8 00
$ gatttool -b d3:e7:d3:7d:7e:b5 --handle=0x001f --char-read
Characteristic value/descriptor: 33 98 82 fe c7 d6 ca de 2a 00 ca de 00 00 03 01 01 00 03 01 55 c0 21 3d 19 43 e9 d5 00
So our tag seems to have FW versions 00 00 03 01 while the devkit DWM1001 tags run 00 05 01 01 if I parse everything correctly.
I tried initiating an update on the initiator and on our tag from the DRTLS manager but the version number is not changing on any of the online devices.

Could this be an issue or should we review our (very simple) hardware design?

Hi linusp,

Please flash all device within the network with the FW from _v9.zip. (Release 2). Both MDEK and newly received DWM1001C.

Note that the nodes running FW2 does’nt mean they run R2.

Also make sure you are using the DRTLS manager from _v9.zip.

The BLE GATT model has been modified in the last firmware version so you need to make sure all node and android device are referring to the same version of the firmware.


I updated the devkit devices manually and now everything seems fine.
/ Linus