DWM1001 Bridge: Configure a DWM1001C nodes through MQTT downlink

Hi, I was thinking to configure DWM1001 through MQTT. I’m looking to configure things such as update rate, stationary detection, anchor tag role, etc.

If I’m not mistaken, we could send the data through topic dwm/node//downlink to send data back. But I need some guidance to make it work since its not documented as far as I know.

Hi @arama
truly it seems that this part is missing in the docs. Unfortunately nobody is going to append it. The easiest way is to subscribe on this topic and observe a couple configuration changes - it should be pretty easy to understand what is what.


Hi, I just found out that if I publish configuration data in dwm/node/<node_id>/downlink/config it will change stuff

this is the example of how config json that I send through downlink. I refer to the config json in dwm/node/<node_id>/uplink/config

  "configuration": {
    "label": "mobileTag",
    "nodeType": "TAG",
    "ble": true,
    "leds": false,
    "uwbFirmwareUpdate": false,
    "tag": {
      "stationaryDetection": false,
      "responsive": true,
      "locationEngine": true,
      "nomUpdateRate": 1000,
      "statUpdateRate": 10000

putting this out so people can see how it works