DWM1001 BOM?

The schematic for this module is published, but I can’t seem to find the BOM for same. Is it available?

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We did not have a plan to publish this. May I ask why you need it or was there a particular component of interest?

We have need for a different accelerometer - the ICM-20649, and a slightly different form factor. My hope is since you sell the DW1000 individually that the DWM1001 would act as something of a reference design. Also I want to make sure I get the crystal and other critical components correctly specified.

I know it’s asking a lot but Gerbers would be nice too. Or at least PDF’s of the Gerbers.

Also, I’d like to avoid the trace antenna and use one similar to the DWM1000’s antenna (which turns out is obsolete). Do you have any thoughts on this strategy and what do you plan to use as replacement on future DWM1000’s?

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Not sure if we are going to give away the BOM and Gerbers. Will check into that. Obviously you can connect the new accel on the carrier board via SPI or I2C and leave the module as-is.

The Antenna replacement is mentioned here - https://www.decawave.com/decaforum/announcements.php?aid=8

Ok, thanks. In our case size is everything so while I have designed a board with a DW1001 with an external accelerometer it’s likely in the future that even this will be too big.