DWM1001 Battery Lifetime Estimator

Hi Yves,
yes we did.
Here are the settings we used:

What about the battery life for an anchor ? Is it really different from a tag ?

Hi OlNach1,
The anchors need to listen continuously so their power consumption is much higher and would need a much bigger battery or mains power.

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Its usefull ,good job!

Hi, I know this thread has some time but I face a similar problem.
I realized that although I set the tag in low power mode, I still consumed several mA. The solution was to compile the firmware by commenting on “dwm_shell_compile ()” that way I achieved the low consumption specified by the data sheet.


Hi Decawave team, @S_Carroll_DW ,

I would like to know, if with the release of the PANS R2, you could make an update for the application note APH011_DWM1001_Lifetime_Battery_Estiamtion higher up ont this page.



Is there anyway I could see the code for this? I tried just about everything and can’t achieve the power consumption specified by the datasheet.

Did anyone end up finding the Battery Life for the Anchors?

If you ever decide to create a new version of the spreadsheet, please replace text “Capacity (mAms)” with proper “Charge (uC)”.

Has anyone successfully found out the battery life for the Anchors?

Hi @Keonte45
this depend on what anchor do you use and how do you power it.


Oh! Didn’t know that. Thank you.