DWM1001 and Raspberry Pi 2

Hello, I have to work with the DWM1001 DevKit for work at uni. I have been provided a Raspberry Pi 2 and the DWM1001 DevKit, however in the Documentation it seems that the DWM1001 is set out to be used with a Raspberry Pi 3.
Is the DWM1001 only compatible with the RasPi3 or could I use it with a RasPi2 as well?

And to add onto that, what are useful ressources on how to start developing on the DWM1001 on a Raspberry? I am supposed to use Python, what would be needed to start development on the DMW1001 on a Raspberry Pi?

Thank you very much!

Dear EEAdi

you can use UART communication between the raspberry pi 2 and DWM. for DWM 1001-dev,identify the UART pins and connect them to Raspberry pi UART pins. You may need to swap the TX RX pins. Make sure the power supply requirement is met for the DWM. If I am not wrong , you can 5v or 3v3 out from the GPIO of raspberry pi to power your DWM. Once the connections are done, you can start the communication between both the devices using python serial module. You will get the help from this forum’s other posts for the same. Do your research . You can use shell mode UART for this. This means you need to put the DWM into shell mode using b’\r\r’ and then use b’lep\r’ to get the location data.
Hope this helps.