Dwm1000 tags without any anchors

Hello again
Another question has been bothering me
Is it possible that after I write a new firmware on MDEK, we want to have the same original firmware that the factory wrote on it?
Is this possible?
How’re you?
And how many times can we write firmware on MDEK?
Thank you for your patience and attention
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Hi @nrahnama
I think that the internal FLASH should sustain something like 10K write cycles.

You can reflash it with factory image.

Metal frame around the window might not be a problem. But anchors glued to the wall could significantly reduce the operating distance (even down to couple meter’s) .


thanks a lot
Regarding attaching the anchor to the window, what if the distance between the anchor and the metal frame of the window is less than 10 centimeters? Again, it doesn’t have much effect on the range?
Thank you for taking the time to answer me

Hi @nrahnama
any close metal/wall objects affect the range/radiation pattern somehow and it depends on tons things so it is hard to say how it affect the range.


thank you very much
good luck