DWM1000 Software Stack with which Host Controller?

Hello All,

As per my study i have downloaded and Studied documents and technical stuffs about DWM1000 module.
i have downloaded a software code also for STM32.
but can i use the same stack for another micro controller like ESP32 or CC1352?
or just i need to study user manual of DWM1000 and i can write a programming for module using SPI communication.

Please guide.


You should be able to use much of the STM32 code as a starting point however any parts relating to the hardware (i.e. the SPI interface, any timers used) will need to be modified to make use of the hardware in the controller you plan to use.

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okay, I will check that. Can you giud me in which file i can find a final program.
i downloaded “dw1000_api_rev2p14” , but in that also i can see

  1. dw1000_api_rev2p14_coocox and 2) dw1000_api_rev2p14_stsw and
    in the dw1000_api_rev2p14_coocox i can find so many examples.
    so that i am bit confused about code.

need a clarity.


Hi Anil,

Each of the example codes would require the spicific MCU /hardware relate files which can be found in the directories decadriver or platform for example.
All the examples will run instantly when flashed onto a EVB1000.
However to port the code accross to a different platform some of the files hardware related files need to be modified as Andy correctly states.
I send you the ARM source code guide because I think the information in section 4 and 5.1 is what you’re after.

Kind Regards
LeoDecaRanging_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)

Yes, I studied this document. I understood about TOA method and how they are calculating TOA. and i tried to understand a examples from theSDK2.14, but its like too much complex.

  1. TDOA algorithm to calculate Distance?
  2. Examples are with STM controller. so is there any simple way that i can do tag or anchor coding.?
  3. where can i get a complete picture of Anchor and TAG coding and what to do, step by step?

Thanks ,

I would like to clear 1 point here. Decawave 1000 module is already loaded with Slave code of SPI. i dont need to load.
Host controller need to do a coding for DWM1000 only for SPI communnication and nothing else. So i know with my controller how to do a coding for SPI. Now point remained is that what to read from DWM1000 using SPI and what to write and in which registers.
For this i need to study whole User manual of DWM1000 or i have to download a 2.14 SDK which Decawave provided on there website.
Okay so now i downloaded SDK. Basically SDK is with STM controller and i dont want that controller. I would like to go with my CC1352 or ESP32 controller.
So can anybody suggest me such SDK and where in that SDK i have to change? So its easy for me t integrate with my controller.