DWM1000 reading SYS_STATUS_ID return 0xffffffff always from SPI

Hi, i use DWM1000 with stm32f103 evaluation board to test UWB function.

I am trying to run ex_02a_main.c code in examples from qorvo DWM1000 examples.

Function of dwt_initialise is working fine but reading SYS_STATUS_ID and RX_FINFO_ID is malfunctioned (always returning 0xffffffff)

What am i supposed to check to solve this issue?

p.s: I tried 16Mhz frequency to RX in this screenshot

Here is ex_02a_main code.

0xffffffff is the value you will get if there is nothing on the other end of the SPI bus.
If that is the only value you ever read back then it almost always indicates a hardware issue either with the SPI bus connection or configuration or the power / reset to the target device.