DWM1000 Range: Toggle BW and TX power compensation?

I am using the MDEK to make some preliminary measurements prior to actual product design.
I would like to maximise the range between anchor and tag:

  1. What is the use of the shell “bpc” command?
    “Toggle TX power and Bandwidth compensation”, should the function be on or off for maximum range?
    Must both anchors or tags have the same setting for reliable operation?

  2. Is there any way I can change the PRF and channel in the DWM though the use of API / shell commands?



The BPC function can turn on or off the compensation. This functionality should never be turned off in a commercial deployment as it is necessary to pass FCC or ETSI certification. The BPC command is meant to be used only for test and will actually be removed in further releases.

The TX compensation may slightly improve or decrease the range depending on the voltage and temperature. It is not predictable. The objective is to ensure that the transmit power and bandwidth are always within the regulations.

It is not possible to change the RF configuration with PANS. If you wish to explore the possibilities of MDEK1001 from a pure hardware perspective, you may want to develop a custom firmware that will allow you to have a full flexibility regarding the RF configuration. Maybe take a look at the GIT examples there :

Keep in mind that the transmit power has to be within regulation. You could easily increase the value and get a very long range, but the product will be out of regulation and not usable in a commercial or deployment.

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