DWM1000 official setup for maximum range


We are trying to measure maximum range, using 2 dwm1000 modules. I’ve been reading user manual and forum in order to get best setup for long ranging.
Out best measure was around 100m last winter, and now we cannot reach more than 65metes.
We test several configurations, the best was using PFR 64MHz, Channel 4, preamble length 2048, Data Rate 110kbps.
I know there are several posts related with this topic, but can’t find official module configuration given by Decawave, for maximum range, and the datasheet’s measure @ given conditions for reaching it.
Do that configuration and mesure exists anywhere?

Thanks a lot in advance for your attention,


You should easily be able to get over 100 m with that configuration. Keep in mind that things like antenna heights and orientations will make a difference and that the signal could potentially fade in and out with distance. e.g. it may not work at 70 m but will then work at 80. Changing antenna heights will have an impact on this.

see also APS017 : https://www.decawave.com/application-notes/

“Max Range in DW1000 Systems”

Thanks so much for your replies. We are analizing and trying to improve performance and will share our progress.
We use Decawave module, and just integration with our system could affect, regarding hardware issues. If anyone have any other suggestion is wellcome of course!
Best regards.

Also note that when you’re using DWM1000 and you’re using one of the code examples code that you can increase the transmit power by approximately 3 dB as default.
This becuase the code examples are targeted for the EVB1000 (EVK1000 and TREK1000 boards)…
This is described in teh DWM1000 datasheet in the foornote on page 8.
So maybe last winter this was done, and now you update the sofware and you forgot to increase the power.

I am not able to read any values for distances measured using this configuration for some reason, could you please show me how you configured the channel?