DWM1000 interrupt on SFD detection

I am using the module DWM1000 and have the following question. Is it possible to set up the DWM1000 configuration so that the module generates an interrupt (pulse) on one of the GPIO pins when the firmware detects reception of the SFD of a packet. For reference, the physical layer packet format is Preamble/SFD/PHR/Data. I have set up the module to give an LED blink on GPIO when there is a successfull receive of a packet or message. This means the CRC has passed and so on. Is this available or am I chasing something in the documentation that does not exist. I want to use this to do accurate time sync between nodes.
Johan Hartman

Bit 9 of the status register is RXSFDD - Receiver SFD Detected. This event status bit is set to indicate that the receiver has detected the SFD sequence and is moving on to decode the PHR.

If you set bit 9 in the mask register then you’ll get an interrupt when that bit is set.

I’m not sure how deterministic the interrupt generation is, it’s intended for being fed into a CPU which will have a certain latency on detecting and acting on it and so precisely timed interrupt generation wouldn’t have been a critical design criteria. You will get far more accurate timing information by reading the timestamps from the internal registers.

Hi Andy. Thank you for the comment! It helps. But, essentially I want to get the best time synchronisation between my processor and a receive process on the Deca that I can. Therefore, I want to run a hardware timer with input capture pin, this pin triggered by a hardware pin from the Deca. The general interrupt pin would not work for this as it combines too many interrupts. My other thought was to use the receive LED flash on GPIO. I know this is flashed after the packet passes CRC, but I have no idea how much time variance or jitter there would be between this event and the actual SFD.