DWM1000 dwt_configuretxrf

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which is the suggested TX power spectrum value to be used on a DWM1000 module to achieve high distance range when sending short frames (~200uS) whit Smart TX Power enabled and the following configuration respecting the regulation rules:

dwt_config_t axs_config = {
2, /* Channel number. /
DWT_PRF_64M, /
Pulse repetition frequency. /
DWT_PLEN_128, /
Preamble length. Used in TX only. /
Preamble acquisition chunk size. Used in RX only. /
9, /
TX preamble code. Used in TX only. /
9, /
RX preamble code. Used in RX only. /
0, /
0 to use standard SFD, 1 to use non-standard SFD. /
DWT_BR_6M8, /
Data rate. /
PHY header mode. /
(129 + 8 - 8) /
SFD timeout (preamble length + 1 + SFD length - PAC size). Used in RX only. */

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See APS017:
Smart Transmit Power is a feature where transmit power can be increased if a message is transmitted
in less than 1 ms. Since the regulations specify the maximum permissible power level averaged over
a 1ms period, it follows that the power can be increased for shorter message durations. So, while a
message that is 1 ms long may only be transmitted at -41.3 dBm / MHz to meet the regulatory limit, a
message that is only 0.5 ms long may be transmitted at +3 dB above this level, a message that is only
0.25 ms long may be transmitted at +6 dB and a message that is only 0.125 ms long may be
transmitted at +9 dB provided that only one such message is transmitted per ms.
A more detailed description of Smart Transmit Power can be found in the DW1000 user manual see section Smart Transmit Power Control in the IC user manual (page 108)