DWM1000 compatibility of the QM33100 series


We want to test the performances of the antenna’s delivered with the QM33120WDK1 evaluation.
Therefore we want to use software we currently run on a DW1000 (channel 5, 6800 kb/s pulse freq 16Mhz and preamble 512 bytes)
We use the Sync functionality of the DW1000 module and IRQ and furthermore we only send a small package in one direction.

Should we be able to just use the same software/ functionality on the QM33100 modules?
What should we do to migrate the software from DW1000 to QM33100 modules?

Can someone help me?


Hardware wise I’m not sure how your going to evaluate the Jolie Antenna on a DWM1000 unless you have a DWM1000-SMA version?

For software compatibility @wassim should be able to help here.

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Hi @hippie1983 ,

In this link QM33120WDK1 - Qorvo you can download the SDK for the QM33120WDK1. This is containinig 2 different builds:

1/ CLI (Command Line interface) build:

  • This build provides an easy way to send and receive commands.
  • And you can set the board as Initiator or Responder in FiRa ranging session.

2/ UCI (Ultra wide band command interface) bui:d

  • This is compatible build with FiRa Packet formats.
  • It also comes with a python script to launch a FiRa session as a Controller/Initiator or Controlee/Responder.

If you want to migrate your code to QM33 module:
1/ You need to use dw3/qm33 drivers.
2/ Need to port your code to nRF52840 (change linker, startup, gpios, etc…)

If you want quick test with QM33 to send a small package in one direction, you can use the SDK (CLI build) as follows:
1/ Use “UWBCFG” command to change the radio parameters (Channel, DataRate, …)
2/ Use “TCFM” command on one board which will send a speicif number of packets with length and interframe you choose.
3/ Use “Listener2” command to capture these frame on the second board.

Hope it helps,

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Thank you Wassim,

This helps alot,

I will try this.