DWM1000 chinese breakout


I am looking for a breakout for the dwm1000 module. Has anyone already used this one :


I didn’t actually use this board, if it is just a simple breakout - why not.
Pity it doesn’t have any description like like schematics.

Actually I used similar breakout board:
No big issues.

Thanks ! I’ll start with the Zhonglian breakout and if it doesn’t work I’ll switch to that one ! Do you have to buy extra capacitors etc ?

Better to ask the manufacturer I think - the board photo doesn’t feature any caps or resistors, 3D render does.

Yes you’re right. And the one you used ? Did you have to buy anything else ? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Mine was a bare pcb, so I needed to buy these resistors caps and LEDs myself.

Ok ! Thanks for the infos ! :ok_hand:

Hey, what value did you use for the capacitor and the resistors?