DWM1000 Capstone Project

I am trying to use a DWM1000 module with an avr microcontroller, I want to use an ATMega328p and a CR2032 battery to power the circuit for the Anchors and for the Tag I want to use a wifi module with the similar anchor circuit to send the TDoA data to a server to run calculations to calculate the position of the Tag. Is there anything else I should need to add to my circuit?

Hi @Darien_DWM1000
the CR2032 is a quite bad power source, I would recommend to use CR5032. The CR2032 cannot source a lot of current with a relevant voltage. Beside of that the battery voltage 3V and less is around the minimum voltage for DW1000 - it can work on a lower voltage than minimal but I have heard that it could hangup in some weird state and full power cycle is needed to recover from this state.


Thanks @leapslabs,
I decided on using a 3.7V li-po battery with 850mAh capacity and added a 3.3v regulator to correct the voltage. I also settled on using an ESP-01 to send the TDoA data to my server for monitoring.