DWM1000 Bandwidth setting


How to change the bandwidth settings. Default TC_PGDELAY value for channel 5 is 0xC0. This will give 499MHz. I need to set the bandwidth as 400MHz. What value, Ineed to program into TC_PGDELAY register for getting 400MHz Bandwidth?

Shijo Thomas

Hi Shijo,
I can’t say exactly what setting will give a reduced bandwidth of 400 MHz but you can observe the transmit spectrum on a spectrum analyser and increase the PGDELAY value until you get the desired bandwidth.

The FFC defines UWB as any signal that occupies more than 500 MHZ in the 3,1-10,6GHz range.
A. Alarifi et al., “Ultra Wideband Indoor Positioning Technologies: Analysis and Recent Advances,” Sensors, vol. 16, no. 5, p. 707, 2016.

Why you want decrease the bandwidth?
I’m learnig.
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This is required if we are using ultra wide band for outdoor applications in United states.

Ok, i didn’t know that.
Thank you for reply.

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