DWM1000 and DWM3000 compatibility?


our application is to use UWB as Distance measurement mainly, although i have some questions to ask,
we are about to test DWM1000 within next week, and we are also interested in DWM3000.

1] When should we expect the DWM3000 Chip available to purchase from Digikey/mouser or any popular store? or atleast any R&D versions/ Beta versions of chip you can made available to test developers like us. (i need just approximate expected month).

2] the DWM1000 and DWM3000 ICs are compatible with each other? like if i have Enchor from DWM1000 and TAG from DWM3000 (or Reverse) , they will work ? (i understand that some new feature of DWM3000 like PDoA will not work in this case as DWM1000 not having it on chip), but other features like distance measurement and data transfer??

3] how get updated to news of DWM3000 announcements ? like is there any newsletter subscription or something similar method you have?

4] just for information , what this “BPRF mode complaint in DWM3000” is exactly? (as per product brief document)

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