Dwm1000 and ardoeno

hello every one

Can I start the DWM 1000 module Should I use any type of Arduino microcontroller (cheap or more expensive)? Can I have location calculations etc. on the anchor and send it to the tag or tags for precise positioning of the tag? Or do the calculations on the tag and send it to the anchor? Thank you in advance for your attention

You can do either. The position calculation will be done on the arduino so which one does the work is up to you.

thanks alot
Can I have a large number of small and light tags in a warehouse and install them on the items in the warehouse and calculate their location with anchors? Therefore, the micro must be connected to the module on the anchors. it’s true?
Tags can only be DW 1000 module and only their UWB is active? Should their mode be passive or active?