DWM1000 accumulator problem

hi everyone,
I’m using DWM1000 with PA/LNA, which extends the range.
In APS009 document section 4.4, it says, “The accumulator in the DW1000 receiver that is used to accumulate and analyse the channel impulse response of the received signal is a fixed length circular memory buffer that is designed to accommodate 1 μs of channel impulse response i.e. a distance of 300 m in a Line of Sight channel. If a signal is received over a path that is longer than 300 m this can cause the accumulator to “wrap around”. This can give incorrect and confusing first-path timestamp results.”
We find out that the range calculated by Two way ranging will be negative when the distance is longer than 327m, and the reason might be the accumulator.
Does anyone meet this problem? Is there any solution to unwrap the range?