DWM1000 / 1001 / 3000 has frequency interference mitigation feature?

Hey guys,

I will be ordering a development kit soon but I have a question.
Does anyone know if the decawave chipset has a frequency interference mitigation feature? It is a requirement in my country to have this feature in low band frequencies.



Define “my country”. Define “low band”, what channel are you trying to use?

Specific questions will get specific answers. Vague questions may not get answered at all.

I’m going to assume EU directives (EN302-065-1 V2.1.1) which has DAA and LDC mitigations for the low band.

To my knowledge, the DW1000 or DW3000 don’t have DAA (detect and avoid) mechanisms, if that is what you meant by “interference mitigation”. Therefore, any jurisdiction which has DAA or similar requirements isn’t reachable presently.

You can implement LDC (low duty cycle) methods simply by protocol design so that you transmit infrequently enough. This may limit system capacity or performance.

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Thank you Mike for your insights! Look forward to talking to you again!