Dwm_uwb_cfg_set API related query

In UWB configuration parameter API "dwm_uwb_cfg_set " could someone explain what exactly the two parameters : pg_delay and tx_power are used for?
Can we control the ranging distance of tag by configuring these parameters?

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The purpose of PGDELAY is to set the pulse width and therefore the frequency bandwidth. These are set for calibrating bandwidth and output power as part of the product calibration and/or certification process. In this case the DWM1001-DEV these shall not be changed.

TX_POWER represents the Digital to Analogue convertor (DA) attenuation and TX mixer gain settings for the RF transmitter.

Please read DW1000 User manual and not least APS023 Part 2 for further information. Both your questions are answered in detail in these documents


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I read the documents and understood the concept. But in case of DWM1001-DEV also there are APIs : utpg and utps through which we can get and set these parameters but I wanted to know on which pin of DWM1001-DEV board , should I cinnect my spectrum analyzer to observe the graph as mentioned in the APS023 document.
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