DWM Simple - Tag does not see anchors

Hello everyone, I am messing with one of the example codes, dwm-simple. I have a tag, and three anchors where one of them is the initiator. I’m using the shell to configure my tag and anchors.

At first, I used acas and acts to configure my tag and anchors, then reset each one. However, when I checked the anchor list when connected to the tag, it only shows the initiator anchor.

I used nmi and nma commands next, but it’s doing the same thing. Am I missing a step for configuring the tag and anchors? I have been reading documentation in DWM1001/Product_and_Design_Documents but if there are other docs I should read, please mention them here! Thank you

Problem was solved. The anchors needed it’s firmware to match the initiator and they were actually updating but I kept disconnecting the anchors so they weren’t able to update.

Additionally, PANID was not matching, but I think that may be irrelevant to the anchor list since PANID doesn’t have to be the same to join the network.