Publishing a message to a Tag node through MQTT (e.g. {“data”:“ASNFZ4mrze8=”,“overwrite”:false}) does NOT generate a DWM_EVT_USR_DATA_READY event.
So, I’m NOT able to use dwm_usr_data_read in the custom C code.
How is the correct way to send a message to a node by MQTT publishing?
Please, help me I need to trigger a DWM_EVT_USR_DATA_READY event and I’d really apprecciate a step-by-step explanation.
I’m using a customized version of dwm-simple example, I verified that the device does NOT enter in DWM_EVT_USR_DATA_READY branch of “on_dwm_evt” function.


I hope these pictures may help

Hi marco,

I had a similar issue.

Try retyping the " in the publishing topic. It seems the are not being recognised and displaying a ? instead.