DWM 1001 with Raspberry Pi 1 B (Rev 2)

Someone knows some information that the DWM 1001 gateway can work on Raspberry Pi B Rev2. This one also has a 26 foot header with the GPIO feet I see are in place but there are some specials (PL: SDA0-SDA1 PIN3). It is worth trying or definitely need Raspberry 3 Pi B for the gateway.
Thanks all.

Hi Kalman,

technically it can run on Raspberry PI B Rev2, but the supplied Software package only supports Raspberry Pi 3B. There is some chance it might work on Raspberry Pi B Rev2 if you provide correct Device Tree. But I would recommend to get a 3B version to save time.


All right, I understand the!
I’ll give it a try and see it.
I thanks for your reply!