DWM 1001 finding of coordinates of tag with respect to anchors

I am using a DWM 1001 to calculate the distance of a tag with reference to four anchors. I am working out my code in python platform and have went through the API guide for all the commands. In my code I am using ‘lec’ command to get the distance, position of the tag with respect to the anchors. I am displaying the distance and coordinates after a time interval of one second. When I am changing the position of the anchors, the distance are getting updated but the position values are remaining same from the beginning. So what can be the error?
It will be very helpful if I can get any sort of help…
Thank You

Hello Rohan

Could you clarify what you mean with “changing the position of the anchors”? Are you only physically moving the anchors? In that case their position will need to be updated (e.g with the app) in order to have the absolute position working. The system assumes the anchors are stationary.

It could also be the tag is losing connection to one of the anchors. Ranging with the other anchors might still work, but 3 anchors are needed to calculate the absolute position.

How many anchors are you using?

Actually I first moved the tag towards the anchors then I saw the distance value is getting updated but the coordinates are remaining same. Then I thought of changing the position of anchors w.r.t to tags but no change was observed.
I am using 4 anchors and one tag.
Basically I am writing a code on python platform to fetch the distance and coordinates of tag w.r.t. anchors. And I am writing a python code where I am using lec command and displaying the coordinates and postion by splitting the string in CSV format.

It sounds to me like the tag is not able to properly calculate it’s position. I suggest making sure the anchors are set up correctly in the app, i.e their relative position matches reality. Otherwise the position that is calculated of the tag might be invalid.

I would also suggest not moving the anchors. The system is not designed to handle moving anchors and this could also make the calculation invalid / confuse the location engine.

I tried some terminal commands to get the coordinate postion given in the API guide. Like I used apj command to get the coordinates. But the coordinate was not getting updated and the quality factor was also showing zero. Can I use dwm_loc_get() to determine the coordinate of the tag in a python code?