DWM-1001-DEV shut off voltage, battery protection?

Hi fellow UWBaddies,

A feature we want to have is a protection against the batteries running completely flat.

What voltage is the lowest that the board can run with?
It seems to me there is no battery protection on the dev board.

Hi @Rass
the dev board is not the best one for low power. As when you power it via the battery you also power up the STM32 which is working as UWB/SWD interface for programming with Segger firmware. So even when you do a proper battery cutoff the STM32 will be still alive and it will drain your battery to the death.

Beside of that for LiPol battery I would recommend the 3V0 as a voltage cut off. But there is 3V3 DCDC and for this one I recommend to check DS to see what is its minimal recommended voltage.