DWM 1001 c - dev ANCHOR and DWM 1001c dev TAG communication

Hi, I tried to establish a connection between two DWM 1001 devices considering one of the DWM 1001 board acting as a Node and the other as Tag.
how can I establish the communication between these devices?
as per the data sheet its was mentioned as the communication takes places via Bluetooth, but how can I approach to perform a communication among these devices.

Hi @pavan
what kind of communication do you mean?


Hi Leaps,

Thanks for reply,

I will try to explain my problem clearly,

I’m using 3 Decawave 1001-c dev boards and I want to transfer the data from the one DWM 1001 board to another using BLE and UWB as well.

I have attached a sensor on the 1st DWM board and by using the example code provided in nrfsdk of 52832 , by changing pin configuration in BLE_UART, I’m able to send the data from one DWM board to another .

In next stage I want to communicate it to more distance so I want to use UWB for communicating between 2nd and 3rd decawave boards.

DWM Dev-1 to DWM Dev-2 via Bluetooth .(able to read the sensor data).

DWM Dev-2 to DWM Dev-3 via UWB.

I was stuck at " how to send the data received via ble to another board by UWB.

I tried to integrate the example code I got from Github, dwm1001-examples-master,responder code with nrdfsdk ble which I have mentioned above. But it is throwing lot of errors and I’m not sure whether this approach is right or wrong.

please help me resolve this issue or suggest a way to go ahead.

It will be really helpful if you assist me on this issue.

Thanks in advance.