DWM 1001 anchor placement

Hi I have a couple DWM 1001 dev boards and I am trying to setup a localization for an indoor drone environment. I wrote a ros node which uses the Decawave API. It works fine, but the height axis is having a lot of noise. I have 8 anchors. They are positioned in a square, 4 at the corners and 4 half way between the corners on one height level. Would it be useful to put for of them at a different height or are there any other suggestions to improve the output.

Hi Cristoph,

It will help to put them a different high, but the best way to improve Z accuracyis to increase the distance between anchors on the Z axis.

The poor Z accuracy is due to the high GDOP due to proximity of anchors along the Z axis. Maybe have a look at the last post from :


hi Christoph,
Could you share your ros node that u wrote for the 8 anchors.