DW3XXX_API on Zephyr


I am trying to port DW3XXX_API from DW3xxx_XR6.0C_24Feb2022.zip to Zephyr (NRF Connect SDK). I have been successful in porting the last open source version (GitHub - br101/zephyr-dw3000-decadriver: Zephyr Driver for Qorvo/Decawave DW3000), but now unfortunately you only provide the library in binary form. I am trying to figure out how dwt_probe() works. It seems to need a special section in the linker script. But even if I add:

. = ALIGN(4);
__dw_drivers_start = .;
__dw_drivers_end = .;

I end up with a bus fault. Any advice on what is going on in dwt_probe() and what requirements it has on the build system and platform code?