DW3x20 evaluation kit (PDoA)

Hi everyone,

I’m currently looking into PDoA solutions for tracking smartphones.
The DW3120 and DW3220 look promising, but I couldn’t find any evaluation kit.
The DW3000 PDoA solutions I’ve seen so far were all built from scratch.
Since there was an official PDoA eval kit for the DW1000 series (with which I already worked), can I expect that there will be one for the DW3000 series too? Is there already a release date or at least an alternative to an official eval kit?

It is possible that Decawave, the manufacturer of the DW3120 and DW3220, offers an evaluation kit for these devices. You may want to reach out to Decawave directly to inquire about the availability of an evaluation kit and any potential release dates. Alternatively, you may be able to find third-party evaluation kits or development boards that are compatible with the DW3120 and DW3220. These types of products are often made by companies that specialize in providing development tools and support for specific types of hardware. You may be able to find these products by searching online or by contacting Decawave for recommendations.

You could use this board QM33120WDK1. This board uses DW3120 and DW3220.