DW3300Q EVB CLI TeraTerm

Hello! While working with the DW3300Q - nRF52840 SDK, I’ve encountered an issue. I haven’t been able to write commands on TeraTerm even after flashing it with the .hex file for CLI and configuring it according to the Developer Manual. I was wondering if there are specific jumper configurations for the DW3300Q EVB.

I hope you can assist me with this issue.
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Hello, do you have things printed on the terminal ? Is it only sending commands which do not work ? In this case, you can try to set the terminal parameters with:

  • Receive: Auto
  • Transmit: CR+LF
  • Local Echo
    Concerning the serial port, check you are using the correct COM port, and the following setup: 115200-8n1.
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Thank you so much for your help!