DW3220 PDOA inaccurate,Large drift

hi, sun

Have you solved the problem yet?

I also encouuntered a similar problem, is it possible that the antenna delay is not calibrated?

Thanks!now everyting is OK

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Hi, sun
How did you solve it?PDOA I measured was offset by 30°
Did you replace the antenna or use other methods?

I optimized the antenna design and can calibrate pdoa with PDOA_GUI

They are.
The new features of DW3000 allow PDoA using the single chip node design.
If two DW3000 are used the same way as in the DW1000 PDoA kit - they can range with the DW1000-based tag and calculate PDoA. Channel 5 of course.
This solution offers more flexibility actually - by using 4 antennas and configuring different pair to calculate not only 2D PDoA.

The PDoA features in the DW3000 require STS enabled frames that the DW1000 can’t send.
If you wanted to do PDoA on a packet from a DW1000 you would need two DW3000 chips just as you needed two DW1000 chips.

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PDOA video youtube :DW3220_PDOA_qorvo_decawave - YouTube


Hi Petersun,

Would you be willing to share the pcb design files for your dw3220 pdoa daughterboard?

I use 2 DW3000 chip
[scenario 1] Fluctuated measured result.
→ DWM3000EVB(DW3110) with nRF52840-DK setup as tag.
- No change any other values.
→ QM33120WDK2.0 with nRF52840-DK setup as anchor.
- Use PDoA mode 1 or mode 3.
In this scenario, the whole setup is expected to run under PDoA and we could select mode1 or mode3 @anchor.
From the section 4.2 of DW3000 Data Sheet, it tells the differences between mode1 and mode3. Mode 3 shold have higher accuracy than mode1.
But from the measurement result, it seems PDoA is not activated in scenario 1.(I am not sure about this)

All the setup is from EVB board even the antennas, but the result I I got is large drift in a rage from 0~100. The whole setup did not move.

Could anyone have any suggestions about this?

Sir NCL. Can you please check my message to you