DW3220 PDOA Calculation

One DW3220 chip with two antennas. We use dwt_readpdoa() function to read the PDOA between two antennas. Everything works fine.

Now we want to read POA from each antenna and calculate the PDOA by ourself. We first read the STS_POA from 0x0C:08 register and then read the STS1_POA from 0x0C:10 register. We calculate D = STS_POA - STS1_POA, but find D is not equal to the PDOA read by dwt_readpdoa() function.

We just want to figure out how to calculate the real PDOA after we get the POA from separate antenna. It is mentioned in the DW3220 user maual that the POA registers are used for two-chip PDOA system.


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