DW3210 38.4M crystal compatibility

Hi, we have been using DW1000 with FA-20H crystal for a long time without problem

Recently we changed to DW3210 and stick to a circuit design that very similar to the one that used to work without problem ( replaced the RF switch and the antennas with ones designed for the higher operating frequency; recalculated the geometry for the waveguide; otherwise it is the same), but it seems that the crystal no longer works and we can neither do tx nor rx correctly…

I am wondering is there any possibility that the FA-20H crystal is somehow not compatible with the DW3000 devices? What possibly could go wrong? Are there any common pitfalls here?

Hi @pansori
the crystal should work OK, but the load capacitances have changed - if I recall it correctly they are now integrated inside of the DW3k chip and you need to add only some small track/xtal compensation capacitors (couple pF). Double check the DS regarding to this.


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